First International Workshop on
Requirements Engineering and Law

In conjunction with the 16th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain 9 September 2008


Annie Antón, North Carolina State University
Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna


Travis Breaux, North Carolina State University
John Mylopoulos, University of Toronto


Steven Adler, IBM Data Governance Council
Dan Berry, University of Waterloo
Efrim Boritz, University of Waterloo
Eric Dubois, Henri Tudor Research Institute
Patrick Heymans, University of Namur
John Mitchell, Stanford University
Seok-Won Lee, University of North Carolina
Luigi Logrippo, University of Quebec - Outaouais
Louis Marinos, ENISA
Fabio Massacci, University of Trento
Deirdre Mulligan, UC Berkley Center of Law
Bashar Nuseibeh, Open University
Henry Prakken, Utrecht University
Richard Purcell, Corporate Privacy Group
Giovanni Sartor, University of Bologna
Peter Sommer, London School of Economics
Gene Spafford, Purdue University
George Spanoudakis, City University - London